Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Wednesday Waffler: Lemode Plumbing

I admit, this is kind of a weird one. Something tells me I shouldn’t find this so delightful, but I do. The Bodoni Poster Italic, the illustration that looks like it came out of an old school plumbing how-to, and the name Lemode (so much like commode) create a very charmingly comic whole.

Of course, maybe it’s not a good thing for this sort of business to have a comic image... I’m having trouble being objective here... Pr*tty or Sh*tty?


  1. I like it because the van is so nice, clean & glossy, it looks classical & classy.


    You should use those reaction buttons so people can vote without leaving a comment!

  2. I think this is Pr*tty in an ironic way. Like, it shouldn't be on a van, it should be on a Hummer limo. And somebody from the Gotti family should be driving. That would be badass.

    Plus Bodoni just makes me feel good.

  3. The Drawing is Pr*tty, but the text color is Sh*tty. It ought to be white like the drawing.