Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Wednesday Waffler: Beaver Builders

This, for me, is like one one those things that’s so ugly it’s cute. Keep in mind I’m only looking at the hand-drawn name and the beaver. All the type around that is just too all over the place to appreciate.

Still, I can’t be sure, Pr*tty or Sh*tty?

Image submitted by friend and P*S* reader Joe Marianek. A dam fine fellow.


  1. The mascot is awesome. overall I like the hand-drawn name (none of the E's are the same so I think it really was drawn) but wish they used two B's instead of the single big B.

    pr*tty cute, says me

  2. I second the 2 b's. Aah, it's a Beaver and he's building stuff, that's gotta make up for some of the really bad design & illustration right? The beaver is hilarious. Look at his face... I still agree with @laura, 2 b's.

  3. Agreed, two B's would be better. Probably my biggest beef with the design, actually.