Thursday, November 5, 2009

Children's Museums: Brooklyn and Manhattan

An appropriate design, well-targeted at its audience. Are there other ways to solve the aesthetics of this? Sure. But that doesn’t make this wrong. Far from it, I think.

Where would you rather take your kid(s)? If you had to think about your answer, take your kid(s) to the movies instead, and buy them lots of popcorn and candy... they deserve it.


  1. Yes, I agree the CMOM website is poor.

    I took my daughter to CMOM this past Thursday actually, and the design of the museum was awful also. A lot of homemade wooden looking things, and my daughter was confused as how she should even begin to play with some of the exhibitions.

    Not to mention, I never saw anyone sanitizing the hands-on play areas. Certain wings of the museum are tight & small, with little fresh air flowing through. Needless to say, I was sick the next day.

  2. Oh Lord... The Brooklyn's Children Museum website is awful.

  3. I'm curious Christina, what makes the BCM's website so awful for you?