Friday, November 13, 2009

Mandee and Nygård

I don’t know much about either of these brands. They both seem to be dealing in reasonably priced clothing that appears targeted toward tacky young people and tacky old people, respectively.

This thing needs some maintenance, but here is a rare instance of a sign actually making a logo look better. The more consistent stroke weight of the letters is way nicer. Is this an older version of the logo, does anyone know? Maybe the sign maker took it upon himself to improve it... it could happen!

First off, I f*cking hate this logo. It’s just ugly in every possible way. Even the “proper” version of the Mandee logo is better than this. But they’ve added insult to injury by making it into an even uglier sign. A few more LEDs per square inch might be in order, unless they’re going for that Atari 2600 look.

Also, their website gave me a rash. On my eyes. Long story short, they’re batting a thousand.


  1. Oh wow...that Nygard website is hideous! I think I'm battling a case of pink eye today (I know, gross), and now I know where I got it.

  2. I want neon lights on my business card

  3. thanks to you, I now know what a Swacket is.
    ...wait, thats not a good thing.

  4. Laura - the swacket is a vision so horrific I dared not mention it in the post. Thanks for doing the heavy lifting.