Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Latin CT Semi Wide and Brush Script

Ever notice how when you see something you like, you start to see it everywhere? I never would have expected to love this typeface, but I keep seeing it, and it just keeps looking awesome.

I suppose the same could be said of seeing something you don’t like, too. Unfortunately, Brush Script is all too common and all too heinous, which makes it’s use in a major ad campaign for a world class institution such as the Bronx Zoo all the more egregious. I happen to know Deutsch is responsible for this, so let’s all wag our fingers in their direction.

Extra credit to anyone who can spot the other typographic crimes committed in the Zoo image. By the way, it’s a screen grab from this video.


  1. In the Zoo image:

    foot mark instead of an apostrophe
    some questionable kerning choices in the word "Nature"

  2. Very good Dan. There's one more thing that might be forgivable but is not something I would do.

    Jackie... wow. I totally missed that! Hysterical.

  3. Septmeber!!!

    Also, the leading between Nature's and Airshow is a bit much.

  4. I'd agree about the leading, but such things can be subjective.

    What I was hoping someone would notice is the use of a hyphen between 12th and 27th. The proper character there would be an en-dash.

  5. Aw I just noticed that, but you'd already revealed it :p

    My sister gave me a half hour lecture on the en-dash one day.