Thursday, September 17, 2009

Bartunek and Tamberelli

Sometimes it’s best to stick with a certain vernacular typography to help communicate what your business is.

I’m not going to tell you what Bartunek is, but I bet you can guess.

Tamberelli on the other hand, not a chance. (No cheating now.)


  1. Bartunek the restaurant, or cinema?

    Tamberelli the cosmetics company? Or something to do with art or fashion, something where you would expect to see a signature.

    I've never heard of either.

  2. I'd like to try and guess what Tamberelli is but all I see is Ta mberelli.

    Tampons maybe?

  3. Bartunek looks like a butcher, or maybe a dollar store?

    Tamberelli... it looks like cheap cosmetics.

    What are they?

  4. Soda is closest. Bartunek is the hardware store in my neighborhood. Sandra, I'm so sorry that restaurants near you might stoop to using this kind of signage. Please don't eat there.

    As for Tamberelli... they deal in high-end video rental equipment and such.

  5. Naw, restaurants around here don't look anything like that, and I guess my knowledge of American restaurants isn't as good as I thought. There's just something very hot-doggy about those shiny red letters, I thought it might be a greasy spoon somewhere.