Monday, August 3, 2009

Cardella Waste

Here's another case of a company with a split personality. Before: bold, simple, appropriate. After...

Where do I even begin. I've never seen such a blatant use of stupid ligatures before. Not to mention the green pandering.


  1. i agree 100% here... the second logo is a total fraud... i hate the whole PC "green" thing. gimme a break, no one is buying it, especially from a mafia-run waste removal company... lol!

    the first logo has a nostalgic feel to it. very nice.

  2. While the second logo is inappropriate, it's definitely a much more attractive treatment. The first logo is too busy, and comes across as amateur. I think they could do with rethinking their first logo to simplify it to the level of the second. Also dump that horribly cliche tagline.

  3. Those ligatures are horrendous. I... I can't even think of anything witty or clever to say. I just want to stab things now.

  4. The first sign is appropriate, as it's obviously for a garbage truck company. They even include their phone number. How efficient.

    The second logo, I don't know what they're selling. Compost? Plants? And the ligatures are horrendous.

  5. Second logo, I dont mind the 'CA' ligature. 'Waste' is a mell of a hess though.