Friday, September 28, 2012

Frutti di Mare

Earlier this week I took at look at produce shipping boxes. In the process of compiling those, I realized I also had a significant backlog of aquatic themed images, most of which were also pretty great. So here they are.

The next couple are from the Water Tower Mall in Chicago. I was there the summer before last when The Shedd Aquarium was featuring an exhibit on Jellyfish. They used the mall’s central core to dangle these gorgeous, huge, translucent jellies, and put similar decals on the glass elevator shaft. These pics don’t really do it justice. It was really very inspired and cool.

These next two are also from that same Chicago visit. Over at the Field they were featuring whales. I thought these two ads were pretty cute and eye-catching. It’s an interesting and fun idea for a natural history museum to use such cartoonish illustrations to promote their exhibit.

And while we’re looking at whales, I just adore this children’s book cover. The type, the illustration. It’s exceedingly charming.

Shifting gears over to cephalopods, The Kraken rum is no stranger to accolades. But it’s nice to see that even their shipping boxes are well-considered. As with the produce boxes from my last post, the one-color, low-quality substrate demands a certain simplicity, and they execute it well. Their bottle is their brand, for the most part, so they highlight it and give it the extra twist of the stylized, etched look that is really brand-appropriate.

This last item is just me showing off a bit. My daughter had a sea-themed 5th birthday party back in April. We got all kinds of crafty around here, but my spin on Pin the Tail on the Donkey—Pin the Arm on the Octopus, naturally—was really the highlight (IMHO). Yes, he has more than eight arms, but the idea was to give every kid a turn, and no one had to worry about not winning. The finished result is more of a Zoidberg than an octopus, but I can live with that. Whoop whoop whoop.

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