Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Verizon Strike has Struck

Sorry I’ve been even more neglectful of my dear sweet blog than usual. The quiet time is due in part to a recent move from an over-crowded Astoria apartment to a spacious home outside the city, and all that goes with that (i.e. packing, cleaning, unpacking, more cleaning, and so on).

The other part of it is that, conveniently, coinciding with my scheduled install date, the good folks at Verizon have gone on strike, and left me internetless on the home front. No new FiOS triple play for me. Which is pretty much like living in a house with no running water or electricity, as you all know.

I’ve decided to use my surplus of time to reinforce the new house in preparation for the inevitable zombie horde. Anyone know where I can get some Claymores?

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