Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wednesday Waffler: Art Gallery of Alberta

I’m not a big fan of the overlapping. But I like the colors. And I like the symmetry. And I even like the clever idea that an upside-down double-story lowercase a makes ‘a’ fairly convincing ‘g.’

Thanks to P*S* Reader and iPhone user Sarah Ayers for the suggestion.

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  1. Shitty because any symmetry gained is lost by the glaring upside-down "a," which looks like shit.

  2. I agree with anonymous. As clever as the idea to turn the "a" upside down is, it is just plain irritating to look at.

  3. Agreed. The upside down "a" really kills it.

    fuckin' "a".

  4. I think conceptually its interesting (art depends on the viewers perception which is why the upside down "a" as a "g" works in this regard), and visually its approachable. Just lacking in the final execution.

    But I wouldn't categorize it as Sh*tty, there are by far worse logos out there. I vote Pr*tty.

  5. Very astute comment Patricio. I think you pretty much hit the nail on the head.

  6. For me, it's a moderately clever idea with a decidedly sh*tty execution. It looks like the default colors in Illustrator with a cop-out type choice. Don't get me wrong — Helvetica has it's place. However, for the lack of finesse it may as well be Arial in this poor logo.

    I agree with Patricio. There are definitely sh*ttier logos out there but a project as prime as this only comes along so often. For the sheer potential of "what could have been"... this logo is a failure to me.

  7. Those colors take a turn for the disgusting when they overlap. I've never been one to care if the gravy on my dinner plate touched the peas, but this makes me reconsider.

    I really like the inverted idea, but I agree with Marie. The execution is all wrong.