Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Miller and Denyo Generators

Hardly a unique treatment of an M logomark. But it speaks sufficiently to the construction trade they service, and the precision they offer. Additionally, the size and lockup of the logotype are spot on. It’s a thing of Modernist beauty.

Beyond the bizarre, mismatched type and abysmal kerning of the Denyo logotype, the real culprit here is the multiple personality disorder. See, Denyo makes these things. But the MQ (i.e. Multiquip) guys distribute them. And they have a few product segments, one of which is Power solutions, hence the bottom-most part of the logo.

So here’s the lesson: if all you have in the fridge is mustard, strawberry jam, and Cheez Whiz, don’t draw a bold, red rectangle around all three and expect it to make a tasty sandwich.

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