Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Arrowhead Brass and Cash Acme

I’m pairing today’s logos with the ads they in which were found, as submitted by a P*S* Reader, just so you have a little context for them.

This is a simply delightful bit of retro. The first choice in brass pipe fittings for the hippest of hipsters.

An odd name, paired with a regrettable, wholly disposable logo design. One day we’ll all be free of the scourge of generic, thoughtless swooshes added to logos to “liven them up.” A boy can dream, anyway.

(As for that Sharkbite product logo... I actually sort of enjoy the concept (I’m guessing the fitting resembles the shark’s mouth as it’s drawn here), but unfortunately the execution is lackluster and forgettable.)

Big thanks to P*S* Reader Phil Tracy for the submissions.

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