Friday, August 20, 2010

U Haul Graphics

This particular illustration isn’t my favorite, but I’m a fan of this line of U Haul trucks that essentially act as ads for state-themed attractions. They’re not exactly legible on the go, but U Haul trucks also tend be parked a lot, so you can read them then. And the illustrations, for the most part, are quite nice.

By contrast, another line of their trucks are made up to look like their cartoon mascot, Lil’ Sammy. Needless to say, the illusion that this real truck might look like the cartoon version because of these graphics is about as convincing as... well... something that isn’t at all convincing.


  1. We are glad that you like the SuperGraphics on the side of our trucks. You can find all of the U-Haul SuperGraphics and learn more about them at

  2. My favorite is the giant pink mushroom illustration, I actually got that one before. Now, if only their service wasn't so crappy...

  3. THANK YOU. I thought the cartoonification was idiotic on a number of levels. What demographic are they after making cute cartoon versions of their trucks? Last time I checked, you have to be 25+ to be a client.