Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Wednesday Waffler: Trane logo

This was recently suggested by a P*S* Reader as a possible Sh*tty, and I was momentarily inclined to at least half-heartedly agree. But I found myself agreeing with his assessment less and less heartedly as the days since his email have passed.

It is perhaps true that the logo bespeaks more of trains, than of air handling. But I still can’t really object to the word mark, with its bold, italic, sans-serify simplicity. Nor can I really find much to fault about the logo mark, except that maybe forcing a T-like shape onto those speed wind lines seems unnecessary.

Still, I’m open to other interpretations and opinions. So I’m opening it up to a vote.

Almost forgot. Trane logo suggested by Ryan Gustafson. His suggested Pr*tty counterpart to be featured in another post soon-ish.


  1. Ok text,not ok logo... can't we just have a button between Pr*tty and Sh*tty? :p

  2. Maybe if the shapes inside the circle were wavy…otherwise, Sh*tty.

  3. Original submitter here. I realized I forgot to mention in my submission email how much I dislike the spacing on the word between the letters. Why are "TR" and "NE" spaced out, but the "A" runs right into its neighbors? HULK SMASH.

  4. Ryan, I think the kerning is actually pretty on point in the 'TRANE' portion. Generally, you should have more space in between two straight letters to balance the weight of the word. In addition there should be a little less space between a round and a straight, and even less space between two rounds. The 'A' looks a little too close to the 'R' but other than that I think the type is pretty strong... the mark (on the other hand) = sh*tty!

  5. I think the type would work fine as the logo if it didn't have the horrendous circle thing.

  6. yeah maybe if the circle wasn't a circle. what does the circle contribute towards communicating the brand values or product benefits? nuthin', that's what.

    I also agree the kerning seems correct as-is but I would like the space between the T and the R to match the space between the N and the E.

    I think neither pr*tty nor sh*tty. Just regular.