Thursday, May 20, 2010

Fitflop and Shape-Ups

Focusing on what matters to your audience is usually the best way to go. As I understand it, these shoes give you sexy legs.

Not focusing at all leads to something like this. So let’s tally this up: ridiculous looking, ugly shoes; fake science; “feminine” swooshy background; redundant tag lines; for some reason the P’s in the name are special; and oh yeah, that fit looking person could be you, I guess.


  1. Completely agree. My girlfriend bought a pair of fitflops from our local sports shop and while they're comfy for her, they haven't done a thing for her fat ass. Got her a gym membership which did the trick.

    Bottom line is that if people want to lose weight, they gotta work for it!

  2. I hate everything Skechers has ever done, from their footwear to their advertising. The sh*tty just flows downhill. Always has, always will.

    Their advertising echoes their product design--a poor imitation of a more successful shoe. How can they build an entire business model on that? ARGH!