Tuesday, May 4, 2010

David Barton and Lucille Roberts

Not exactly an interesting logo, but still a nice, simple sans serif (Franklin Gothic EF, for those keeping score). More importantly, they took the effort of doing something interesting with the sign.

It’s maybe a bit unfair to pick on this. Its biggest crime is being very out of date, I suppose. Even so, it’s still a big mess of mis-matched type styles (the difference between the u and b is most telling).

And where’s the i dot?! At least they were ahead of that terrible trend by a couple decades... truly visionary.

Also, your sign makes me want to stay fat. And smug.


  1. This time, you're completely wrong.
    Outlined type is a crime, don't you know?
    Plus, the Franklin Gothic is completely bland.

    It's clearly a tie.


  2. I appreciate that perspective Anony. I had a feeling this would create some disagreement. But some rules I think can be broken.

    I should also point out, just to be clear, the logo does NOT use outlined type. The "outline" is part of the sign design, which I think helps it stand out and look more engaging.