Thursday, April 15, 2010

Hale and Hearty and Soup Man

A fun name, and some fun but simple typography. If you don’t like this, then please place your first two fingers upon your neck and check for a pulse. (The design is by Memo Productions, by the way.)

This is some lazy sh*t. Just look at the name, first of all. Then there’s that O in the word Soup. Maybe it’s just me, but replacing an O with an icon of what it is a business sells or makes or offers (especially when that thing is O-shaped), is a big, bright warning sign that a designer might lack any real imagination.

Also, fires go under cauldrons, not inside them.


  1. Is the first photo from the Chelsea Market?

    And Soup Man is a franchise (I drive by one on my daily commute) - how much do you want to bet this logo was "designed" by a Corporate Marketing committee?

  2. What bothers me more than replacing a letter with the icon of what the business sells/makes/offers is when they replace a letter that doesn't *look* like that item.

    In this case, doesn't the cauldron look way more like a "U" than an "O"? If you've got to do this hideous move, at least pick an object that looks like a letter.

    Love your blog -- thanks for sharing!

  3. This is the wikipedia entry for the "Soup Nazi."

    Looks like its the franchise now.

  4. There's "LOL" when you just want to make a point;but, I literally did "LOL" after reading this post. Nice work!

  5. I agree with 95% of your posts, but not this one. As mediocre as the SoupMan logo is, if the first example was two words longer, maybe we'd get to see two MORE fonts shoehorned in.