Thursday, February 25, 2010

Manhattan Mini Storage and Storage Deluxe

What can I say? I’m a sucker for 3D-ized type that extends backward into oblivion. This also does a good job of communicating one, clear message.

I want you all to understand how dedicated I am to documenting sh*t like this for your entertainment, dear readers. When I took out my camera to take a picture of today’s Pr*tty example, a young attractive woman nearby attempted to flirt with me by pretending I was trying to take her picture (I kid you not, she batted her eyelashes and posed demurely). Meanwhile, I was so stunned by this piece of ugly at the other end of the subway car that I happily ignored her and rushed away to get the shot. Such is my resolve to fight the Sh*tty design of the world.

That, and my wife doesn’t allow me to talk to strange women.


  1. lol on the wife part! i love the 3d text on manhattan mini storage too!!!

  2. i just like the fact that it says "FOR REAL"

  3. Thank you for thinking us pretty!

    We feel pretty and we love to be thought of as pretty! Plus we like helping NYers keep thier apartments pretty by storing all thier stuff in our NYC storage facilites
    Happy spring cleaning to you!

  4. I love Storage Deluxe'a logo, it awesome! They also have the best designed storage buildings around! Pr*tty