Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Wednesday Waffler: Paramount Electronics sign

These dumb, cheap electronics stores around the city are always an eyesore, but I think this sign is actually kind of cool. In a cheap thrills kind of way.

Considering a graphic designer probably didn’t work on this, and it came right from a sign shop, the typography is pretty well done. The typeface is simple and unassuming, and the letterspacing is decent too.

And you can’t deny it’s a well made sign.

So what’s the verdict, Pr*tty or Sh*tty?


  1. When you compare this to Apple stores or even Best Buy, it seems unnecessarily gaudy for an electronics store. It is pretty well executed, but I would rather get my computer from an establishment that is businesslike and official than from one that is trying to attract my attention with a flashy, colorful sign.


  2. I've definitely seen worse. Even if it annoys people, it got their attention, right? Good find!