Monday, October 12, 2009

Francotyp Postalia FPi-2000 and Pitney Bowes DM400

Full disclosure: I don’t know much about mail sorting/processing machines. Today’s images are from a P*S* reader who assures me the usability of these two specimens is quite different. I can’t testify to that myself, but I can certainly respond to their aesthetics.

An efficiency of form reminiscent of Dieter Rams work. Makes me wish I had huge stacks of mail to send.

It’s easy to imagine something much worse than this, but ask yourself, would you want this on your desk if you could have the other one?

Thanks to Jacob Fleisher for sending these in.


  1. While they're both machines that deal with mail, their purposes are fundamentally different so you're not really comparing like with like. The Francotyp one puts sheets of paper in envelopes, the Pitney Bowes one prints evidence of postage payment on the sealed envelope. Different purposes, different design and engineering challenges.

  2. Matthew, I appreciate the insight. But I stand behind my assertion that one machine looks nice, and the other is an eyesore. My toaster is fundamentally different from my coffee maker, but I like having both in my kitchen.