Thursday, September 10, 2009

W Hotel and American Greetings

An amazingly simple (and affordable) way to make a sign very cool.

An amazingly simple (and affordable) way to keep birds off your sign. And look monumentally stupid as a result. (Insert joke about every rose having thorns here.)


  1. i see those plastic thorns, on a lot o signs in NYC - is it that important to keep birds off your sign? i see them on ledges too? bird crap is not going to make your sign any uglier than it already is.

  2. Paulo, while bird crap is an issue, it's nesting and roosting birds that I think they're trying to avoid here. Often times these "thorns" are discreet enough that they're acceptable, but in this case they went so overboard you can't help but laugh at how ridiculous it looks.

    I especially like how the spikes have snagged some detritus that went drifting past. I can only hope this sign collects more and more debris and has a nice collection of garbage ornaments just in time for Xmas.