Thursday, August 6, 2009

Party Rental Ltd. and Iron Mountain

Delivery trucks and their graphics are ubiquitous in the city.

Do I love the way that hippo is drawn? No. But do I appreciate the the sense of scale, and the playful change of perspective on the back door? Absolutely.

What does a giant, scary-ass circular saw have to do with identity theft, and paper shredding? Looks like someone opted for "cool" when they should have gone for trustworthy.
(And don't get me started on their lame-ass logo.)


  1. Hey, pretty cool idea! I'll keep my eyes open to send stuff my way.

    Where does one send pics to?

  2. Glad you like it. You can send images to prttyshtty at gmail dot com.

  3. The hippo is lifting the wrong foot.
    I think the saw blade looks chic and hip buisness design.

  4. The saw blade looks chic, huh Anonymous? Really? Giant saw blades ripping through the side of a truck are chic? By dictionary definition, it's safe to say you're totally wrong about that.

    Regardless, I already acknowledged it's "cool" — check out that photo-realistic effect! — but that has nothing to do with what this business does. Bad design often starts with wrong ideas.

  5. I see these around town all the time. The hippo one makes me giggle, though I have always wondered why a pink hippo was part of their branding....