Tuesday, February 2, 2010

RFP: weight loss ad & RFS: vending machine

Today I’m trying out a new, potentially periodic feature.

I have quite a photo library of good and bad designs at this point. But sometimes I just can’t find the right counterpart for a good or bad design. So, my hope is to enlist your participation, dear readers, by giving you some specific targets to aim your cameras at. Consider this an official RFP (Request for Pr*tty)... and of course that means there’s an RFS (Request for Sh*tty), too.

Full credit will go to whomever submits the designs that I select to post, naturally. And who knows, other submissions may lead to more posts.

Thanks in advance, everyone.

RFP:Weight Loss Ad
This can be a subway poster, a magazine ad... something printed. As long as it’s promoting some sort of weight loss product or service.

RFS: Vending Machine Graphics
The bigger the brand name, the better.

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