Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Random House Penguin

Yesterday, my sister-in-law, who works in publishing, posted this to Facebook.

Anna: Got my first letter on this letterhead today. Would feel better about the merger generally if they moved the penguin inside the house and called it "Random House Penguin." [logo]

This merger, announced back in October, was news to me. So naturally the new identity (such as it is) was intriguing to me, as was Anna’s suggestion that the new name should really be Random House Penguin.

The following comments, including my own, were made.
George: Random house penguins can't be trusted, only the habitual ones.; Sarah: Could they at least perch him on the roof or something?; Josh Berta: I believe, in order to be random, his position would change with each instance of the logo; Anna: you need to design that for your blog; Anna: Apparently a lot of designers have already tackles this [URL]

And indeed, it seemed the internet had tackled the humorous issue of possible names and logos, primarily here. Then it became official, with what you see in Anna’s image of the letterhead above, and a better look on Forbes.com.

But, oddly enough, it seems no one else really latched onto the notion of a random house penguin. (For me, conjuring up the contrasting image of random field penguins is irresistible.)

Of course, the beauty of this idea is it presents the newly merged publishing giant a natural opportunity to jump on the flexible identity trend. And so, forthwith, I give you Random House Penguin.

Did you spot ’em all?


  1. I like Random Penguins

  2. Cute, but wish they were more scalable. Might be important for a client that relies so heavily on print