Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Item Four: Spread the word

Ok. I know I said there were only three items, but I’ve arrived at a fourth. I hope you’ll forgive the intrusion in your daily intake of P*S*.

I’ll keep this brief: If you enjoy this blog and want other people to enjoy it too, then please help me spread the word.

At the bottom of each post you’ll find a couple buttons. The Share button gives you multiple options, and Undrln is a social bookmarking site specifically for design. (The Undrln button was reacting badly to the asterisks in the name of this site, so I’ve removed it from the posts until there’s a fix. It’s still in the sidebar though.) You can also use those same buttons in the sidebar to the right, if you’d rather share the whole blog and not just an individual post.

Much appreciated.


  1. Hi Josh,

    I will link to you on my blog, which I am oh so sure will rocket you to international stardom. I do love your blog.


  2. Thanks Emily! I can taste the high life now.

    Give Mike a high five for me.

  3. Do enjoy your blog.
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