Thursday, August 27, 2009

Item Two: Go ahead. Disagree.

Continuing my examination of the origin and mechanics of this blog, let’s point out the most obvious thing: Everything you see is subject to my personal taste and opinions. That said, I don’t expect everyone to agree with my choices—well, to be more specific, my choices for the Pr*tty category. (If you don't agree with my Sh*tty examples, then you’re wrong.)

Which brings me to a misconception I may have caused by naming this blog the way I did. The Pr*tty things are not always going to be what might be traditionally thought of as pretty. It’s simply a word that acts as a label for designs that I think are good. And hopefully I explain my reasons for thinking so in the context of each post.

My tastes, as any regular readers know by now, lean toward the minimal. I like modern design, but occasionally have a soft spot for retro and vintage. I love type. I admire elegant, evocative logos. I respect brazenness. And I hold good ideas in the highest regard.

My own approach as a designer is very much guided by these principles. But here’s the thing: I have an open mind, and I appreciate and respect a lot of design that doesn’t necessarily conform to these guidelines (it’s just not stuff I would/could do myself). So while you may see some choices with which you disagree, I hope you’ll give me the benefit of the doubt and have faith in the basic premise under which I’m working.

And of course, please, if you disagree, leave a comment. I enjoy a good debate. Indeed, my hope for this blog is that it prompts some discussion beyond my snarky observations.

Tune in tomorrow for Item Three (of three): Help a brother out.

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  1. Innovative Bank looks like where the Jetsons bank. Also, McCann's Irish Steel Cut Oatmeal is the most righteous oatmeal on the planet. Assuming you top it with some 100% pure Vermont maple syrup.